King Blue Under the Lamp at Dawn



I was up at 4 am feeding the cat (as you do) and couldn’t get back to sleep. Yesterday I only slept for 3 hours and got so dizzy I had to go back to bed in the afternoon. We went for a nature walk two days ago and the terrain was rugged, so my knees are now tender and I feel frail and sickly and I resent that.

I’ve got so much to do and this body is dragging me down. I breathe, I mindfully think of good things and try to have compassion for my body but I really hate it some days.

The King says “Isn’t that illuminating?” as he sits and ponders my inability to love myself.

However, this guy gets things done, perhaps a reminder that no matter how awful you feel you can harness your mind and choose to do something in a day.

I can feel myself getting a bit down which can be dangerous if I don’t catch it in time. Extra vitamins mateys!


6 thoughts on “King Blue Under the Lamp at Dawn

  1. Boy I can relate to this post. I’ve been getting things done, checking off my list, then suddenly ended up with a facet joint issue and could barely move. So now I must be content (after a chiropractic visit) to move my mind and not my body for a while!

    • Oh Bev, I saw you mention your back but didn’t realize it was the facet joints–your flexibility and movement must be limited and painful. Rest and heal, take care of yourself.

      This is just IT, we are used to barrelling along getting things checked off our lists and…bang…you have to rest and heal. I find this so frustrating.

      I’m moving my mind doing income taxes today–procrastinating has only ramped up my anxiety, so I’ll join you in moving my mind only. Sheesh. Getting old is no fun some weeks.

  2. It’s funny, your description of this card sounds so much more King of Cups than King of Wands. And that’s truly the way he looks. I remember from using this deck that I ended up just going intuitive, as it was so far from tradition.
    Still, I like what you say about this guy acting as a reminder that you can get lots done, even while sitting on your sofa 😀

    • Well he’s a Wands guy, they get stuff done. His critical eye under the lamp was very Wands for me. The King of Cups would have offered me a cuppa, this guy just stared at me like a psychologist of mentoring motion.

    • I never noticed but I think you’re right. It’s a dead ringer for him otherwise. Many card decks use real people for the models. Sometimes it is easy to spot and other times not so much.

      As well as a good ear you’ve got a good eye Graham!

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