Alert to the Challenge of Setting Up



When I first saw this I thought of the drudgery of textile mills and low wages. I think she’s just concentrating on her task though, focusing on what’s at hand, perhaps competing with other workers to get the most done in a day.

It’s a good card for meeting challenges and coming out on top. Remember to take breaks and eat properly, if you’re collaborating (home renovation with the spouse) it will go well—think negotiation rather than competition.

It’s fine to have a machine to help you but people aren’t machines, there’s a balance there. Weaving is a repetitive motion and you often don’t feel you’re getting anywhere but all of a sudden you’ve got a length of cloth. I’m also thinking with this image of how much effort it takes to warp a loom, and then after that it’s straightforward, you just carry on.

So I think the suggestion of tedium is really there in the image but it’s about starting the task, getting set up rather than any tedium associated with the task itself. “Income taxes” and “sanding the fireplace mantel” I think to myself for today. Get set up and do a little bit, get the momentum going.


5 thoughts on “Alert to the Challenge of Setting Up

  1. In the restaurant business, sometimes there would be tons of customers and the cooks couldn’t keep up. My FIL had a saying, “Keep your head down and your tail up” – meaning to keep moving and focusing on your task instead how overwhelming the challenge was. 🙂

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