Resting with Peacock Blue Students

Well, my new toilets are in and operational. When he took one of them out we found a small, plastic mermaid wedged in there, courtesy of the child who used to live here. No wonder it wouldn’t flush properly. Still, it needed to be done and they flush with much less water which is good.

The spouse and I are exhausted after dashing around all week, so we might take it easy today. After finding two small vases in the thrift store for my living room mantel, I decided this mantel needed a pop of colour, and bought a litre of a deep peacock blue paint after pondering several paint chips. (Far left chip, top colour.) Yeah, I didn’t move 4500 kms. to live in Blahsville. You will notice in this photo the picture on the wall from Francene Hart’s Sacred Geometry Oracle that I had framed.


I might swap this out eventually for a big, splashy abstract above the fireplace, but I like it there for now. There is an Ohm symbol in the centre—just the thing!



Beginner’s Mind today; I shall be a student and read a lot. Honestly I am so depleted physically today, I feel shattered. Maybe after lunch I can get the last of my card decks out and a wall shelf mounted for them, but for now I am reading.

It doesn’t stop ideas from roiling through the mind though, as this fellow attests.



4 thoughts on “Resting with Peacock Blue Students

    • Okay, once done I will show a picture.

      I did get some reading done, I’m reading a local history book. The pioneers in the area in the 19th century endured quite a bit. Interesting things about pioneers–in every area it’s different, so you think you know all about pioneers and then…another new facet to the story.

  1. Oh! My eyes love peacock blue. I painted a pretty large swath of our “no right angles, weird cathedral ceiling” bedroom a deep blue. It turned out a bit less Peacock and a bit more Maritime than I’d hoped, but still great eye candy. In my visual world, you can never go wrong with teal, turquoise, aqua and taupe.

    • Yeah, we’ve got to have colour in our lives Debra. The whole house is painted beige, white, taupe or brown. I like taupe and white but the brown and beige aren’t doing it for me.

      We sanded and primed the mantel yesterday so today it gets its first coat of blue. I popped into Fabricland to see their huge selection of blue, teal, burnt orange, and red fabric as I intend to sew lots of pillows when the new sofa gets here. I’ve got my new abstract rug, so in a couple of weeks it should look less beige at least.

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