My Ship Came in with a Cargo of Toilets

Yeah, this is good news, those fellows on the dock are quite excited.

The plumber is finally coming in three days to replace all three of our toilets. It’s been three weeks and one of them has been shut off all that time and the other two run continually. Another huge expense we didn’t expect but hopefully this will sort it out and the toilets will be paid for when we get the bathrooms renovated in the future.

The realities of the fixer-upper house.



Victory is mine, and cargo to boot.

PLUS, I finally found my sketchbook and can finish the last eight drawings for last year’s sketching project on my other blog. Then I can start my sketching project for my Imaginary Trip to Chile on that blog and that will take me a couple of years.

One thing I’ve learned from moving is that time and planning and organization have a schedule all their own. Sometimes I can’t leap in and get things done as I would like until further time has passed. Sometimes taking longer on projects is a happy thing, a positive development.

Ships may hit rough seas and spend more time in one port or another unloading cargo. Engine troubles, crew mutinies, big, bad tropical bugs and storms. Stuff happens on the journey.

And I got a set of twelve permanent 12 ct. Sharpie markers yesterday in assorted colours.

Get out!!! Cargo kids, it’s what’s happening.




2 thoughts on “My Ship Came in with a Cargo of Toilets

  1. Your post title gave me my first belly laugh of the day. 🙂 All houses are fixer-uppers in a sense; nothing ever stays in good working order. I suppose it’s part of being a home owner. I’ve got a dozen “to-dos” on my list.
    My husband has a huge set of the Bic permanent fine-tip markers that he draws and colors with. He likes the saturation of color they provide. 🙂

    • It’s true, the expense of owning a home never ends. But still, I’ve got a nice view–finally got enough boxes cleared from the living room that I can sit and gaze out the window in an armchair.

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