Rikbiel Hands Me the Key

I found this little set while unpacking my card decks. It is called Gold & Silver Guardian Angels by Angela McGerr, and comes with a book called The Book of Angels: A-Z of 100 Angels. There are three suits: 48 Silver Angels and 48 Gold Angels and 48 Key cards. 48 + 48 does not add up to 100, so I’m not sure who the extra angels per suit are in the book. There are actually 102 angels in the book.


The reason this set irritates me is that the well for the cards isn’t deep enough and the cards intermingle and fall out of the box a lot. Also the book and card well has become unglued from the cover. When unpacking, I found them all over the bottom of the mover’s box, then gathered them up and frustratingly found another loose one some minutes later.

At that point I was tired and got into a little snit and was carrying this found card all over, while I whined about it all, tempted to rip it up and throw the box out. Fortunately the next day I had calmed down but I couldn’t find where I put the loose card. I looked everywhere three times and then upon going past the bookshelf in the living room for the third time, my husband found it on the top shelf.

So here it is with a Key card drawn to augment the lesson:

RIKBIEL – Love will find a way to solve all
The KEY is to focus firmly on the present


These angels, I sometimes wonder where they got the names, but Rikbiel seems to be legitimate and in charge of a chariot, or teaching people to ride chariots. That of course reminds me of Apollo, which makes me wonder how much mythology had to do with creating /naming angels or vice versa!

So Rikbiel when invoked can help you send the healing power of love to a situation or person. Mention is made in the book of the in-out breath and how breathing in and out and sending love is good. Reminds me of Tonglen in Buddhism, which is a meditation practice for sending and receiving.

A bit of a mish-mash are angels I find; let’s throw in some Osho too and make them truly modern. Osho was a great one for mixing religions and philosophy.

The Key card says to focus firmly on the present and this is really helpful since my mind tends to roam into areas of fretting when I focus on planning and future unpacking and how to do everything. Hopefully love will step in and solve some things too.

Yeah, ever the cynic I smirk and say “Sure it will.”

Perhaps a nice shower will help?


2 thoughts on “Rikbiel Hands Me the Key

  1. They’re nice little cards, Judy. I’ve not seen them before. I like just having the words.

    Oh, those kind of boxes. I have some which just slip and slide and fall out all over the place. I often feel like dumping them just to avoid the next slip and slide session!

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