The Nourishment of Balance

We spent 4 to 5 hours yesterday shuffling things around and getting five bookcases set up and one partially filled. I am seriously thinking of selling two of my three dollhouses. I feel that time has passed since the 90s when that was my big passion, and I would like to concentrate on making art and sewing, weaving, writing, and reading. I’ll think about it further.



“What is nourishing in small doses can be dangerous in excess” says Chloe. Apart from food this also points to passions in life. I tend to throw myself into things, buying excessively, and then find myself overwhelmed with stuff. Resisting cravings for food or material things, is a good reminder, a reminder that I have limited time at my age and I want to concentrate on things that have meaning.

I’ll always keep and work on my first dollhouse, because I built it from scratch and worked on it after my Mother’s death and after my favourite Aunt died so their memory is within it, and my grief at working through the loss. I still enjoy making things for it but the other two simply were too much of a good thing.

The Finding Balance card suggests that an effective way to restore equilibrium is to list and prioritize activities and parts of your life, then resolve to maintain the balance for what you need and enjoy. This is a reflective year for me anyway, since we moved across the country and I am turning 60. All things that make me realize what’s important to keep and what I can let go.

I’m finally getting to the boxes with all my card decks, so today I can enjoy seeing them again and dusting them and getting them set up just right.


2 thoughts on “The Nourishment of Balance

  1. Isn’t strange to look at things we’ve collected or accumulated with passion in the past and now see with an impassioned or objective eye? Sounds like you guys are making good progress every day!

    • It is strange. While still interested, I overdid as I always do when learning new things. I also think the influence of other people sways me. At the time I was friendly with a couple who owned a miniatures shop and she would get me fired up about small projects and I won a diollhouse from them.

      Which is great if I had another room…

      We are making good progress and should have the living room clear for the new sofa, chair, and rug. I am really tired but feel I can get 4 boxes or so done today. We are having a reading break and will start after lunch.

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