Lotus in the Hen House

Up and at ‘em this morning, I cleaned the litter box, had a shower, put in a laundry and opened a box with the label “small books” which was my written euphemism for card decks when I was packing to move. I pulled out The Relax Deck so am using it today with the Celtic Lenormand.



I regiment them into flanks, which cards enjoy should you wish to please them.

That kid is harvesting eggs, having fed her chicken just the right food and kept the hen house clean with fresh water available and given Miss Hen a bit of scratching outside in the sun. She could do no better and now has the reward of fresh eggs. Kids don’t often realize when young that a chore can be a burden, they consider it play.

A nice thought for today as I continue unboxing books. We unpacked about eight boxes and then had to go to Home Depot to buy extra shelf thingies for the bookcases. Some seem to have gone missing in the move. Armed with six packages of various pegs, I feel sure we can forge on successfully today. Beginner’s mind as I continue today.

The Lotus Blossom is about losing your spiritual self amid material concerns, so a focus today on my inner self will restore harmony. The playful Child would stop to enjoy the bloom of the lotus.

The Tower is about coming together, getting the home shipshape for security. Being alone without isolating yourself completely can help nourish you, so working on our home again today is good quiet time.

The spouse called a furniture repair person to fix two old pieces that broke during our move. Hopefully tomorrow he can get them fixed and we can carry on putting things on and in them. Another task inching along.



2 thoughts on “Lotus in the Hen House

  1. Keeping a playful approach helps any chore feel less burdensome. And I can see the Home Depot in that Hill Fort, too – a behemoth, that you can still approach playfully. Get what you need, and make off with the booty, so you can return to the calm of your lotus home 😀

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