Ring Around the Snake

I’ve been pulling cards but not having time to post them as I had visitors.

25 – RING


I liked the Ring image because instead of having a single ring, he shows someone wearing it and clasping hands. It can be about commitment, and to augment this I decided to use Chloe’s method of numerology and add the digits together to pull a second card.

A few months ago, upon having trouble with someone, I culled together several write-ups on bullies and dealing with them. Having gone through another recent episode with a house guest who criticized almost everything I did including how I did my laundry, how I did the dishes, how I fed my cat, how I spoke, what I watched on TV, how I was unpacking. The irony of this is that this person procrastinates unbelievably, whereas I rarely do, so getting advice on getting things done from them makes me angry. It is also ironic that many of the items I was getting advice on were things I had experience and knowledge of.

Perhaps it says more about me that I got so annoyed. Chloe calls this card the Fierce Snake, as opposed to the second version of the Snake which is the Shedding Snake. I call it Biter, and that’s how I felt all week being bitten and sniped at. Nitpicked to death, my harmony and resolve to organize myself went out the window as I spent two days reading, watching TV and vegetating to recover. Even my poor husband, who rarely gets involved in such emotions, was fed up and needing some quiet and rest.

However, amid my resting period I did get two parcels wrapped and a 2-page and 4-page letter done and ready to mail. I also glued a bookshelf, did five loads of laundry, and washed two bathrooms and the kitchen floor, and took the dogs for two beach walks.

Sorry I’m not getting enough things done for some, hahaha.




7 thoughts on “Ring Around the Snake

  1. Yay! Glad to see you finally got the Celtic Lenormand 🙂 Yes, I wanted the Ring to show commitment, and how that often means committing to something with another person involved…
    As for the Snake, another keyword I use a lot with it is boundaries – which you need when you have someone nitpicking you to death. Glad they’re gone now and you can get one with things your own way!

    • Yes, I got it and I like how interesting you’ve made the deck with added cards and ways to use it.

      Boundaries: my naturopath told me years ago that I had trouble with this, and I still can’t get a handle on it. Thanks for reminding me, that,s just IT.

  2. I love this Lenormand. 🙂
    Why is it people who are the least qualified to give advice are the ones who believe only their way is the right way? And they never offer to help…
    Hope your “helper” has left you in peace by now. 🙂
    If that was “resting” I’d hate to see your version of busy! 😀

    • When I get really busy I get flustered and anxious, which is why I try to do things in timely ways so I can remain calm and get everything done.

      Hey Bev, my shoes were falling apart with the sole flapping on one of them so I went and bought two pairs of shoes (on sale) and a sofa and accent chair for the living room. Two more things taken care of!

      Now if I could just get the dang income taxes done, I’d be free,

  3. Oh, I do hate busy bodies Judy. People like that are often insecure about their own habits or ways of doing things. She’s probably envious of you getting on, when she can’t.

    Great interpretation of the cards too!

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