Mr. Harum Scarum Makes a Wish

Since we now have an address and phone number I decided to buy a book on birds of the west coast, and while there I bought the Celtic Lenormand which I’ve wanted for some time, but it was either out of stock or I was in temporary quarters. That’s coming next week.


I have a fair collection of Lenormand decks and this one has been on my wish list for a year. It is Destiny is Brewing by Kerry Gummersall with illustrations by Heather Strahan. It seems a bit complicated to order and I think you have to buy the book separately and it’s print-on-demand but I’m not sure. I’ll try and sort it out and buy this toward the summer. It’s one of the nicest Lenormands I’ve seen, and as a tea drinker, this one really lights me up!




Louis Pasteur, who said this quote and is one of my heroes, would understand this Knight whom I call Mr. Harum Scarum. Enthusiasm is good but you can get carried away. I am yet again washing and cleaning and unpacking, trying to get ready for a visit and my cat coming back to me.

I’ve been at it since I got up three hours ago and I have to sit down as I’m dizzy and sore and my tendonitis is raging.

We keep having to go to the store to buy stuff, and eventually realized that we didn’t bring our old kettle and so had to buy a new one.

Tea’s on…




9 thoughts on “Mr. Harum Scarum Makes a Wish

  1. Oh, I really hope you like the Celtic Lenormand! And Destiny is Brewing is a lovely deck though, as you say, you have to buy the book separately. Still, the book is nice quality, lots of colourful images.

    And how lovely that you’ll finally be reunited with your cat – that’s big news! 🙂

    • My cat slept on my bed last night after getting used to the layout here and she was coming for pats and eating food, so it was nice to have her.

      She still won’t venture downstairs but maybe once we get the bookshelves up and all the books unpacked and the furniture and lamps as usual she won’t find it so daunting.

      I think I would probably just buy the Destiny is Brewing deck as it’s so expensive to buy both the deck and the book.

      I am sure I’ll like the Celtic Lenormand, I’m eager to read what you wrote as I generally like your approach to things. Will’s art is always worth it too.

  2. The Celtic Lenormand is beautiful. I never think of myself as a particularly good Lenormand reader but have been watching Chloe’s free video course on YouTube which is really informative and well done!

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