Five Hours, Count ’em

First thing this morning Windows Update went kerflooey which I think had something to do with the transfer service they use. I tried a fix from Microsoft which blanked out all my updates and necessitated a system restore which then wrecked my anti-virus and browser so I had to remove and reinstall them. Upon checking online they said to use Microsoft FixIt which I tried and nothing seemed to happen, so I just left it open and it eventually downloaded and installed BUT my hard drive was white hot, and has been most of the week. Is it too much to ask for a stable operating system? Apparently it still happens with Windows 10, the new miracle operating system. So much for stability.



After that I managed to get out to look for some furniture and get some groceries in as I have company coming, but I am exhausted again and had planned to get the house tidied and bit.

My perennial refrain…………




4 thoughts on “Five Hours, Count ’em

  1. Seems like the people I talk the most to and the longest to on the phone these days are either my computer service provider or insurance folks. Gotta have both, but boy talk about high maintenance relationships!

    • Haha, I like that. I try to be fair to Microsoft because everyone bitches about them but honestly, updating the operating system is a must, so to have it go awry just gets to me.

  2. Dealing with software glitches, or even just clearing out files and inboxes, feels like such a waste of time. Necessary, but dull and a time suck… Ah well, once it’s done, it’s done, at least 🙂

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