A Sign from the Sun

We got a lot of bureaucratic stuff done yesterday that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was sunny and we found a good park for walking along the beach with the dogs that is quiet and sheltered. It’s sunny again today so we can do a few more errands.



Two is the number today, and the hand of God reaches down through the sun’s rays. I think upon reflection or “surveying the kingdom” (as I often call this card) there is a bit of disappointment, particularly with my fatigue. There is the thought in the book of victory being achieved but feeling hollow. Really, I am short one room to get things moved and other rooms put together and its frustrating me, making me disappointed that I can’t seem to get things organized.

Oh well, the sun beckons. Perhaps I’ll get a hand up?







2 thoughts on “A Sign from the Sun

    • Well, it’s more about needing them done so I can relax I guess. I want to sit down and read my book without dashing around trying to find a chair or a lamp.

      Anyway, we,re chipping away at it.

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