Slowly I Mix, Inch by Inch

Where do the days go? I am halfway finished unpacking my kitchen but missing the box with my kettle and the lower half of my food processor. We are boiling water for tea in a pot. While baking dinner the other night the element caught fire so it looks like we need a new stove. I could get the element replaced but the last time I did that with a stove it worked for a few months and then caught fire again. Sometimes things are too old, particularly with electric heating elements and wiring etc.

Apart from that I hurt all over and can’t sleep as usual. I feel I’m not getting anywhere and that I should be unpacked after six days in the house. We couldn’t find a bungalow we could afford and this is a two-storey house and it is sometimes difficult for me to get around. I had a fall the day the movers were here but fortunately didn’t break anything, and then had another small fall. The dogs are afraid of the stairs and the laminate floor in one room. I guess they feel slippery to them. We must start a club for aged beings in precarious new homes.

But as I look out the kitchen window I can see the sea and a nearby point where cruise ships go by in the warmer months, and snow-capped mountains on the mainland. There are worse situations I suppose.



Yeah, I’ve been told all right. Isn’t this a beauty of a card? I don’t usually like the colour gold, but it’s tempered (hahahaha) by the softy blue/green colours which are attractive.

Mixing and counteracting imbalances in the body that can make you sick. Think problems through, don’t rush in aggressively. The moderate life.

I wish sometimes that I’d more carefully considered buying this house but we couldn’t live in a motel forever and sometimes you have to take a leap. It rains a lot here, so we haven’t been able to have our usual seaside walks with the dogs. They have a seawalk here but it’s right by the highway and noisy, plus hard to get parking and it’s too far to walk to, you have to drive down. Maybe we’ll try some local hiking trails? There’s a balance there I’m sure. I woke up and it was cloudy but nice, and now it’s raining again.

Welcome to the west coast!

4 thoughts on “Slowly I Mix, Inch by Inch

    • I may deserve it but I can’t find anything until I get a quantity of books put away on shelves, so I have to keep going. I found my sewing machine though Bev!!

      My husband never takes breaks or eats, I was reeling when I finally got him to stop for lunch just after 2 pm.

    • Yes, the view is quite nice while doing dishes, and the looming mountains of the mainland make a good backdrop to the green hills of the island(s).

      We might find a movie rental place–good idea.

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