Press Ahead

ACE STAFFS (Ace of Wands)


Now that’s a lovely card. I always think of energy and the hand of God with Aces, and in this one the ancient walls glow and the imperial eagle tops everything.

Strangely, the book mentions how making on-the-spot decisions is an indicator with this card, and I have never thought of it this way. I thought myself terrible at making decisions, a complete ditherer, but lately I’ve had to make them quickly, and I am surprised at my decisiveness. Proof that training and practice can make you good at anything!

We were out today arranging hydro and TV and internet and phone and buying a few last-minute cleaning supplies and pillows and a shower curtain. We couldn’t get the new beds until the day after we take possession of our new house so we’re going to sleep on the broadloom in our sleeping bags. Not terribly comfortable but we now have pillows at least.

The beginning of the adventure, and by golly we need two chairs to sit on during our first night in the empty house.


Canadian Tire $29.99 CAD.  The riches of Byzantium are mine.

I shall journal in my chair darlings, with my fountain pens, journals, and ink that took the long journey with me.







6 thoughts on “Press Ahead

  1. Swords that point downward feel like a decision made, as if the idea has been grounded. I have enjoyed seeing this deck – it’s quite lovely!
    Holy cow, you’re about to move into your NEW HOME! I’m very excited for the both of you. 😀

    • I like that about swords pointing downward for grounded decisions–I must remember that.

      Yes, almost there. It all feels like a dream. We are excited too. It will be nice to wake up and make a tea in my own kitchen.

    • Oh man Debra, exhaustion has set in and I can’t seem to find anything. I’m not sorry I did the cross-country move and I knew it would be hard on me, but I’m pretty tired and sore.

  2. I know the feeling. I always want to get everything completely set up, like, yesterday. Hope you can give yourself some time to do stuff that’s fun. I mean, really fun. (Arranging the kitchen wares doesn’t count.)

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