The Ripples of Transition

I drew this at the end of the day today. Last night due to a financial worry, I got three hours of sleep, broken into fragments. I finally got hold of my banking rep. to discuss a few things, and she said it would all work out but everything was fine.



Then I went to the post office to change our address yet again, and all told we have paid $170 or so in postal fees for mail forwarding and holding mail during our cross-country move. Unbelievable. We then went to a specialty shop to buy beds. Decades ago we received a nice wooden bed and new mattress set as a wedding gift. It was stolen from a storage locker four or five years later, and ever since we have made do with $99 bone-wracking cheap mattresses from Sears.

Our last sets were completely worn with springs coming through and dust, and they hurt to sleep on, so this time we bought decent mattresses and proper platforms and mattress covers, pillows, and sheets from the specialty shop. I didn’t blink at the price because we deserve these things.

One eye-opening aspect of living in motels for seven weeks, was sleeping on proper beds and mattresses, and the difference it made in comfort but also my chronic back pain. The transition, the journey, has been about more than simply physically moving house, it was about how we lay on beds of swords all these past years, in many ways.

No more. Coming home from the wars like the chap on the card, we learn to change in our new chapter of life.




4 thoughts on “The Ripples of Transition

  1. “how we lay on beds of swords” – good grief, isn’t that the truth. There’s no telling how many old tapes that play in my head that keep me stuck in a loop until I think to take a look and see if there is any truth worth keeping, or if it is only leftovers from a survival mindset. Good on you for not settling on a cheap mattress!

    • Well Bev, it is the same for everyone I guess, maybe simply the biological curse of the human brain with its big memory bank?

      I bought two mattresses on sale, so it was a good deal and then if you buy a bed they give you 20% to 50% off on other things, plus free delivery and set up. Things are so complicated today in retail.

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