The Precarious Slope of Doom!

There’s a title that grabs you, right?

TWO COINS (Two of Pentacles)


I always think of the classic Rider-Waite image on this card, the fellow balancing the disks in a lemniscate shape, juggling away merrily.

This is similar in that he’s balancing his two bags of coins, and the write-up hints at financial distress and keeping a close eye on things lest someone confuse you or commit an injustice toward you. I never considered that with this card, but that is how I feel this week.

The fellow on the card is holding his hand up to keep people away. Truly, this is another take on my perennial lesson: no matter how successful you are, reversals come along. No need to alienate yourself or withdraw, it may feel like an ordeal but is it? The slippery slope of irrational emotion when you feel powerless is ever ready to get in the way of your path.

Reach for the tree guy, trees know how to ground themselves even on precarious slopes.





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