Not THOSE People Again

Aggghhhh, the people at the bank….

COUNTESS STAFFS (Queen of Wands)


Thinking she would like to beat all banking personnel off with a stick, and contemplating the impenetrable walls of Constantinople, behind which is an even larger banking fortress, the Countess instead takes a long feather quill and starts writing.

Always remember to smile and be nice; you can pet more cats with a feather than a stick.

She’s canny at mixing maxims for every occasion and loves a good woollen cloak with drop earrings.



4 thoughts on “Not THOSE People Again

    • Thanks Chloe. I tend to be one of those people who worry themselves into temper tantrums that are not reasonable or rational, so I’m really trying to keep a grip on my emotions. I hate losing control.

  1. You are so right – you might as well be nice, because being irate or grumpy surely wont’ get you to the goal any faster (and might make some feet purposely drag). Hoping the mighty pen wins the battle!

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