I Had a Cow and Then Came Home

FOUR STAFFS (Four of Wands)


I drew this card after a long day where we went to our home inspection and then elsewhere to set something up for the new house. Yes, the house is ours, we signed off on everything, but due to a few things that came up in the inspection, we dropped the price a bit after a few tears from me, overwhelmed.

We will have to hire contractors to do some work but the structure is sound, it just needs some repairs. It’s exhausting though, you know? For the most part this is the positive aspect of the card, because of joining a community, the harvest after weeks of being without a home, fruition, prosperity, and security.

But there is a line in the reversed description of the card which highlights how my day felt: “…with a sense of your achievements not being all they might have been.” It’s just a feeling though, things can be rectified with a bit more effort.

A good sleep brings a different light of day. I need a walk on the beach tomorrow to counteract fatigue.

5 thoughts on “I Had a Cow and Then Came Home

  1. Hey, congratulations! What a huge step to settling in to your new life on the whole other side of the continent!
    “Needs a few repairs” is the Homeowner’s Mantra.

    • Oh God Debra, isn’t that the truth!! We both laughed and the spouse said “She’s so funny.”

      It’s a huge step, this means I’m a totally hip west-coaster.

  2. A walk on the beach sounds like a little slice of heaven. 🙂 Congrats on signing off on the new house! Don’t let the repairs keep you from seeing that you’ve crossed the finish line of the long journey you’ve been on, one that started with the renovations of your old house… 🙂

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