Guiding Through Hand Piecing



This is a beautiful Hermit, very Eastern Orthodox looking. For me this week, my anxiety has been rearing up as we have the home inspection for the house we bought this week, so I cut out a quilt block and I have been sitting quietly hand piecing it to allay my fears. Nothing says comfort like sewing forty right-angle triangles together.

The Hermit is for that quiet succour, but also I think for guidance. I feel despite the stones under his bare feet he is sure and steady, holding the light, guiding the way for us.





About JJ

Eccentric erminois dweller.
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4 Responses to Guiding Through Hand Piecing

  1. mooninfog says:

    You bought a house!

  2. Beverly King says:

    A sewing meditation 🙂 – sounds like a good practice to maintain calm and sanity. Hope that Hermit’s lantern is shining in your new home soon!

    • JJ says:

      Thanks Bev, I’d like to get some normalcy back and just wake up and putter in my own kitchen. The motel people have been great but it’s a small space and with the stress of trying to find a house etc. it will be good to get it all sorted out.

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