Seven of Beady Things

Seven Staffs


Struggling mightily to get over the hurdle of finding a parking space in such a precarious landscape, our boy here managed to finally get to the bead shop for some attractive beads for the closure on the bag for the Byzantine Tarot. See what perseverance can do?

Yes, he’s a can-do sort of guy.



4 thoughts on “Seven of Beady Things

  1. Ooh, what lovely beads! Interesting card, too. I normally associate the Seven of Wands with feeling persecuted or under attack, when it may not actually be so. I guess you could see that here, too – why do I always have to hit the path with the bloomin’ great logs in the way?! 😀

    • Thanks Bev. I have found this deck quite surprising in a quiet way. The beautiful images don’t have a huge amount of details but John Matthews has made a great effort to incorporate history and interesting bits in the writing (as he always does!)

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