Random Events Sometimes Happen for a Reason

X – WHEEL (Wheel of Fortune)

I left this fairly large as there are a lot of interesting figures on the card.


Two days ago I was on the phone and computer for four hours trying to set things up for our house offer, and nearly at the end of my rope. I was finally able to escape the motel room and go to the library and for a walk on the beach.

Then yesterday I had two more calls and things were slipping into place. This card reminds me of how things change but they can be opportunities. Seemingly it was a disappointment we were not able to buy in this town, but there has been some synchronicity which makes me see it differently.

“Fortune and destiny are also represented, suggesting that random events sometimes happen for a reason.” I don’t think we were meant to be in this town where the motel is.

Ah, the rising and falling nature of existence.




4 thoughts on “Random Events Sometimes Happen for a Reason

  1. Glad it’s all coming together, even if not in the way you first expected 🙂 You’re right, those figures are interesting. I like that there are eight on/in the wheel, and two as turning points on the outside…

    • He has a bit more in the book about what each figure is doing and how it relates to the others. Much more symbolism than this card usually has in those details.

      Well, those expectations: lessons in non-attachment!

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