Don’t You Want Me?



Easy fella, don’t look so worried. Gosh that’s a hefty sword, how is he going to lift it?

I always think of maturity with the Pages, and a lack of maturity. Even if you have age and wisdom and maturity, the stresses and anxieties of life don’t stop. We have an offer in on a house. It is not in our preferred area because that proved too expensive for us; it is a completely different and larger place, an unknown.

We both feel scared to death, like this guy on the card, but after chatting with a few people I remembered being just as scared and feeling vulnerable when purchasing other homes, and so have other people, no matter how old and mature, no matter how many times you have done it. The Human League had a hit song in 1981 called Don’t You Want Me? which keeps going through my head. I imagine the little house singing it when knowing of our trepidation.

The one thing about Swords people is that they are prepared and ready to go. They act, they get it done, even when feeling inadequate or powerless.



4 thoughts on “Don’t You Want Me?

  1. I loved that song when I was a kid. Especially the bit where Suzanne sang. I always thought she was the coolest thing.

    I can understand your feelings but I often believe there is reasoning behind things and a path, even if we cannot see them at this time. The Page of Swords wants to see it all. He wants the bigger picture now.

    I think it’s pretty great that the house is singing to you already!

    • Yes Debra, it has a library. I always check first thing, I gotta have my books. They’ve just repainted it and got some new furniture in.

      A town isn’t a town without a library.

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