Radiant Possibilities

With little action at home base here after three weeks of searching, we have decided to view some houses in another town, one north of here in a totally different community. Online, there were about eight possibilities in our budget, which gave us some hope and the resolve to try another tack.

This is happening tomorrow, and I drew a card for the journey:



I am not a big fan of Sun cards but this is a beauty, you really get a sense of warmth and enveloping light and protection. One of the things it signifies according to John Matthews, is a “…a joyous acceptance of good things.”

Optimism, light showing the way forward, fulfillment of a long awaited dream, certainty, triumph. I feel like playing a march and saluting. It bodes well.

7 thoughts on “Radiant Possibilities

    • Part of it is that Sun cards often have a lot of yellow or gold, my least favourite colours. Part of it is that kid on the horse on the R-W Sun and the way everybody copies the same thing. Sometimes there are two people or two children, but here it is Mary and Jesus I think so a bit different, more in keeping with the message.

      Mostly though Chloe, it’s the yellow people use to colour this card.

  1. Wow, that is a gorgeous Sun! May it be an auspicious omen of your house hunt! And good for you guys in being willing to be flexible about the location. A Celtic blessing to wish you luck:

    May the blessing of light be on you—
    light without and light within.
    May the blessed sunlight shine on you
    and warm your heart
    till it glows like a great peat fire.

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