The Imperious Fabric Consultant

COUNT COINS (King of Pentacles)


Boy these Kings. This fellow is very fond of black and yellow and was encouraging me to find a matching fabric to put in the quilt blocks I am sewing. I told him I wasn’t using either yellow or black and he grabbed his big coin and said “I know what’s best!” Maybe so but I’ve already chosen other colours.

Kings are great at issuing edicts and spending and talking about money. Sometimes it just isn’t practical. This guy is the treasury minister and his spiffy clothes reflect that. We are finding it hard to always cook meals since we are out a lot and we both feel guilty if we buy ourselves lunch out. Yet, he would be generous enough with himself to allow a little treat like that once a week or so. He would never let himself look or live like he was ragged and homeless.

Good cloth lasts for years, cheap cloth falls apart. There is a metaphor there for marriage I think. Be generous, be orderly, keep a keen eye on spending, but allow the pragmatism of buying lunch now and then.

And never use yellow and black in quilt blocks. There lies the road to oblivion!!



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