Blah in Blue



This is definitely what my day was like. We missed a chance at a house yesterday and then I heard that my cat was still pretty upset and it had me sobbing in the dark at midnight last night.

Boredom, disappointment, ennui. In an effort to propel myself out of it we drove to a fabric store so I could get some sewing notions, since all mine are stored away.


I got two fat quarters to make a bag for the Byzantine Tarot, but I needed even the most simple things for hand sewing, like pins, needles, thimbles, thread, and a ruler, and then I threw in some sharp scissors for cutting fabric and some ribbon for ties.

There is a box of something on the plate rail above the lady in the image. It looks like glass-headed pins for sewing which is a timely message. I am missing an iron so not sure if I can borrow one from the motel; I’ll have to ask.

Tentative steps toward a more positive attitude. If this works out I might hand sew some quilt blocks too. I love hand piecing.




4 thoughts on “Blah in Blue

    • Oh Chloe, my poor old cat! She was settling in fine but they had to give her some medication and it freaked her out. I keep trying to do a vaguely telepathic thing where I tell her it’s all right and we are still here. Animals do seem to pick up on things (like dogs knowing when you are arriving home) so I hope if I keep her in my thoughts she will “hear” me some how.

  1. Gentle hugs to you my friend. This situation won’t last forever (even though that Four of Cups feeling can make it seem like it will). Glad to hear your hands will be busy (which I hope will lighten your heart as well).

    • I suppose it’s a trust issue–I know it won’t last forever but I don’t trust that. I lie there doing mindfulness and breathing and saying “Trust that all will be well”, but I’m not sure I believe it.

      Anyway, as one of my sisters said, sewing is relaxing, and I want the different focus it will bring. A small step, but vital after about 2 weeks in a motel.

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