Thrift Shop Boxes Scale the Mountain

There is a small thrift shop near here and the spouse spotted some boxes in the window so we went in. I nabbed a small 1.5 inch round box with a picture of seagulls and some three dimensional shells on the lid for $1. A perfect reflection of our new home by the sea.


Then we saw this one for $5 which had the depth to fit the new Byzantine Tarot, so I bought it.


In picking a card today I chose one with colours that complemented this box and got…

SEVEN STAFFS (Seven of Wands)


He is properly grinding up the mountain successfully after a long struggle, which as always reminds me of my struggle to find a home. We are going to a house viewing this week and the reversal of this card suggests being paralyzed by indecision so much that you can’t find the way forward. That’s often the way I feel, particularly with a huge purchase like this and the fixer upper I’m going to see.

Now, see this box is a little big…normally I would make the deck a tuckbox to snug it in there, but if anyone has another suggestion, please comment. I suppose I could make it a cloth bag to take up some extra room and keep the cards safe. I don’t have any materials with me though, but there is a quilt shop near here with fabric, thread, and needles, I could buy two fat quarters and hand sew the deck a lined bag with a flap. Oh, but then I’d need a thimble too–more expense!

I’ll think on that for a bit.




2 thoughts on “Thrift Shop Boxes Scale the Mountain

  1. I wonder if you could make an inlay from card, with a well in it, like you get in many kits. You know the ones I mean? Folded to create the well and then they could sit snugly inside. Could use nicely decorated card and could maybe adjust a template to fit or unfold and use an existing one as a guide when you’re moved and unpacked!

    • The box it came in has a well, which works fairly well although it’s not deep enough, and the first two or three cards slide out from the pile, so I was worried about losing a card or damaging it from that.

      BUT I know what you mean, and that’s a pretty good idea–much like inserts in jewellery boxes. I would make sure that the well left enough room at the top so the cards didn’t slide around as they do in the manufacturer’s box.

      Okay, I’ll think about that for a bit too, thanks Steve.

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