The Romantic Reader

Countess Cups (Queen of Cups)


Doesn’t she look sweet? One thing that struck me about the image was the way if you look from a distance, the tasselled canopy behind her looks like an extension of her shoulders, as if she was carrying weight, balancing the surroundings, sensitive to the environment, the figure in the doorway to calm.

Placid and calm, she is regretting that she couldn’t find a biography to read at the library yesterday and some magazines. However, she did buy a temporary library card and borrowed three mystery novels. What could be better than a book and a library card? The Byzantine Tarot book notes that she is likely to lose herself in a book or art, which would describe the way I felt in the library. I was in the literature aisle looking at poetry books and someone kept trying to go past but I was oblivious. I finally tuned in and said to her “Sorry, you know what it’s like when you get into a book and zone out” and she nodded and smiled.

Dreamy, distant, up-in-the-clouds Queens we are today.






4 thoughts on “The Romantic Reader

    • I like this deck because the figures seem simple but you can pull things out. I often find the Queen of Cups rather unmemorable in most decks, but she’s caught something here that made me notice her more.

    • Yes, I think for sure she was painting it as a shell, but all I saw was this line across her shoulders. Weird how you see one thing one day and another on a different day.

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