Grapes, Apples, the Whole Enchilada

Mmmm, good things today, as these industrious people harvest grapes, apples, and figs and haul jugs of wine around.



This looks like marginalia from an old psalter or illuminated manuscript which is a style I like.

Today is dog grooming day, and we are up and showered, I cleaned the bathroom and did the dishes which I was too tired to do last night and we had our breakfast cereal. All the pitter-puttery things that go into running a household, only we’re in a motel.

This card seems to say to me “Bloom where you are planted” or maybe “The harvest is always available to you.”

A relative was encouraging me to buy a small house where my books and dollhouses and craft supplies and musical instruments wouldn’t fit. They would be stored in the garage apparently, unboxed, unused. Making things and being creative and reading is a big part of the enjoyment of life for me. What kind of life would I have where all my creative things and books were packed away, mildewing in a garage? It wouldn’t be living, it would be existing, much like staying in a motel for eternity. Not a good thought.

Patience and time, are hard to foster, but the harvest eventually comes.




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