The Raggedy Cranks



I rarely pull this card but I laughed today because this is what we feel like. An interesting angle in this deck is marital disharmony, which I don’t usually think of with this card. It’s usually about destitution or not finding help, being crippled by a situation, that sort of thing.

Nothing says “disharmony” like living in a motel room with nowhere to go. We haven’t switched time zones yet physically, and it’s wreaking havoc with our energy levels. I’ve hurt my back falling asleep in the chair early at night. Silly.

The smaller images in the five coins depict marriage, love, argument and then losing their home. In essence they ARE crippled by circumstances, a struggle to survive loss or loss of money. Our money is draining away on essentials because everything is packed away.

So, maybe simply awareness today of feeling this way. Sigh.




4 thoughts on “The Raggedy Cranks

    • It shows them being evicted from their home I think (this is over on the right side, the last coin there.)

      The first one on the left shows the man hanging from a vine, or perhaps plucking fruit from the vine–hard to tell without my magnifying glass (which of course is packed away and unavailable for vital details like this.)

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