Pomegranates After the Laundry



Boy, those pomegranates are hanging heavy, ready to be plucked. While enjoying that, this guy seems a little subdued, perhaps disappointed.

We got another appointment made today for 3 days away, and then we have to have a car inspection done, for getting a license here. Chip, chip, chip away at it, there are more people here than in our old town, and it takes a while to get appointments and such.

I need to go to the laundromat but I find myself frightened of going, so that’s another thing to tackle tomorrow. Laundromats are always so crowded and you have to use a lot of coins (although maybe not nine) so this card reminds me of the heaviness of coins and laundromats. He’ll eventually enjoy the harvest, once the laundry is done, right?

That’s my big life lesson in this: I being a major perfectionist, cannot control much in this situation, so I have to learn non-attachment. I also have to learn to go into the laundromat and wash and dry things. I always loved doing the laundry, but not this way.





7 thoughts on “Pomegranates After the Laundry

  1. Maybe getting a book from the library or bookstore before you go? Perhaps there is a laundromat with free wi-fi and you can catch up on your online reading. Or take a small set of sketch supplies? Keeping busy with something to do has helped me deal with them.

    • Do you know, I never even considered that it was male figure. Isn’t it strange? But then I rarely get too uptight with changes across decks. In this deck I found the writing different, the changes to archetypes that way, but the art is okay for me.

      Oh boy, laundry, and it’s raining. Fie, I’d better get used to the rain out here on the coast. Hahaha.

      • I think it’s just because I especially relate to this archetype, and like that it’s normally about an independent woman. There’s some interesting info in the Katz/Godwin book relating this to Rosalind from As You Like It, and it’s an association I like 🙂

  2. I used a laundrette when I moved out of home. My friends and I used to [literally] drag our washing there and we’d sit outside with our pink hair, smoking cigarettes and waiting. The times that our washing got stuck in the machine or we forgot to put the powder in …

    I’m sure many creative journeys started in the laundrette . Washing machines can be very meditative.

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