Progress Through Uncertainty



I liked the feeling in this particular depiction of the Eight Cups, of a lingering sadness. It’s not quite sadness it’s more like weariness and picking yourself up to move on. Weariness tacked onto fear of failure, uncertainty.

The book says: “None of this is likely to be easy, and one can feel separated from life itself…”

Step by step or Bird by Bird as Anne Lamott calls it in her book of the same name.

We were browsing properties yesterday and visiting a few neighbourhoods, and it’s discouraging as we can’t find a house to even look at, let alone buy.




4 thoughts on “Progress Through Uncertainty

  1. How long did it take you guys to decide to move, fix up the house and then sell it? Don’t let time become the enemy. Relax, take a breath and just keep taking those steps. I really like Lamott’s book, by the way. I’m currently reading one by Sharon Salzberg called “Faith.” An interesting look since there is no deity to put with it (as she is Buddhist).

    • Oh, it probably took 5 years to get the move done and the old house fixed up. I find it hard because we can’t do too much. I’ll have to ask at the library if we can get a temporary card, that would help to have something to read.

      I like Lamott’s book too–good advice for any situation in life. I’ll look up the Salzberg book. Thanks Bev.

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