Don’t Get Too Carried Away

Having travelled 4500 kms in 7 days, I find myself a bit dizzy and depleted. We did fairly well except for an air filter problem with our car which necessitated two separate visits to car dealerships along the way. Thank goodness for my portable GPS device, whom I call “William Clark” after the famous American explorer. Old Clarkie seems to know all the dealerships in Sault Ste. Marie and Swift Current. Points of Interest kids: ain’t it a grand thing in such a device?

We also got great weather in the mountains and thus had a pleasant two-day adventure through the mighty Rockies. No snow, just a bit of wet pavement and fog. Even my cat did okay in motel rooms, and she is now in a relative’s home, so hopefully will adjust. My husband kept remarking on how organized I was, so that was nice.

Now ensconced in our temporary motel home, I was thinking about all the things I had to do, and decided to pull a card.



Mr. Harum Scarum, my constant friend. What struck me while reading this was “Be careful not to get too carried away in your eagerness to advance.” I thought to myself “This is right, I only got here and I’m driving myself nuts, maybe rest a bit first.”

Yeah, maybe some local fish and chips for a treat…I spent 3 hours freezing at the ferry terminal and on the ferry, so something hot sounds nice.





8 thoughts on “Don’t Get Too Carried Away

  1. Glad all of you made it safe and sound; it’s good to know himself recognized your organizational skills. Take the tortoise way instead of the hare’s; you both deserve to do some “relaxed looking.” Gentle hugs to humans and beasts. 🙂

    • Thanks Bev! Well, we made an appointment to get the dogs groomed next week. They are a bit pongy from being wet in the car for 7 days. We also paid a few other things, so that’s two down.

    • I quite like the illustrations in this deck. The book is a bit different and they changed the elemental associations (which drives me mad) but it’s nice.

  2. So did you use any of your art supplies on the trip? Every single trip I take, I pack colored pencils, little drawing paper notebooks, oh it’s so appealing and … I never ever use them. Never. Ever.

    • No, I haven’t yet, it was such a rigmarole getting the pets in and out of motel rooms and lugging stuff in and out of the car that I was tired at the end of the day.

      However, now that we have a home base, so to speak, I might bring a few out and sketch things. That is if it’s not raining.

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