Beam Me to the Stillpoint

A fascinating trio from the Synchro-Signs today, and proof that once you pack almost all your decks away, little gems still peek out.



And why not use two different fonts in the image today? Why not, you have two days of Internet left, have a party.

I am often threatening to get off the Internet for good, but I don’t think it wise to cut off completely from such things. I know a couple who did not keep up with technology and it has left them isolated and not up to current events and generally vulnerable. That’s not good.

The first symbol reminded me of packing the cooler for our trip and how I have to pare down to nourishing essentials. It also reminds me not to overindulge in food while tense or anxious about our upcoming move. What makes me the most anxious is being invaded by hoards of people from the moving company. We are not used to having people around at all and it makes me anxious.

The Stillpoint gives an answer—stop trying, stop trying to force it, leave the crowd and become still. It is an interesting angle to view this as bringing calm to others after finding it in yourself. Which gives me an awareness of how the men from the moving company might feel coming into strange houses. I can be the Stillpoint.

The Sun, the cheery old feller, illuminates the world with benevolence and goodwill. Harmony, and a harbinger of relief and hopefulness when least expected. Again, I can lift others up, but I can also accept this for myself, be cheery and feel that I deserve good things to happen to me.

We are going to my neighbour’s for lunch and a good-bye visit. It’s going to be sad, but this harbinger beams at me of good things to come.


6 thoughts on “Beam Me to the Stillpoint

  1. Try seeing the movers as the knights who’ve come to do the king and queen’s bidding. 😀
    I’ve got a mini meditation I’ve been doing when I feel stressed. As I breathe in, I “hear” in my mind the sound “Mmmm” (like smelling something wonderful); when I breathe out, I hear in my head the sound “Ahhhh” (like relaxing in a hot bath). Those sounds of contentment seem to help reset the mood of my gray matter. 🙂

  2. Hiya JJ.

    Stillpoint makes me think: visualize yourself in a “safety zone” whatever else is happening in your environment. Live “inside” when “outside” is disorienting.

    Vices makes me think: you’ve got many many odds and ends you’re wondering what to do with, thinking you have to organize them.

    You don’t have to think of everything. The movers will put aside anything they can’t take–you can have those things shipped another way if they’re important. They won’t take a gallon of paint. They’ll take your little bottles of India ink without blinking an eye. Think of it this way–every day, many people who are much less intelligent, much less thoughtful, and completely disorganized get moved cross-country. 😉

    • I was thinking something similar tonight as I looked around and thought they’d be glad at how organized I am. Then I thought that for things I’m unsure of, they will know what to do! The spouse kept remarking that he’s seen lots of people in a complete shambles for moving, so I figure that my chipping away at it for a month or so has helped.

      I have one more box of weaving and embroidery stuff to pack tomorrow and then I’m done. I’ve lost track but that’s 16 or 17 boxes plus I have notes on other things and “do not move” signs on others. I’ll be taping up more signage tomorrow.

      I like the safety zone image. Living inside is a good way to put it–I’ve been getting better at that this year; it was either that or have a nervous breakdown. Far better to tackle the things directly.

      Thanks Debra, you are always such an oasis. No wonder you’re a good teacher.

  3. A lovely reflection, Judy.

    We were talking about the internet today. I think anything in moderation is ok. Some are glued to it. Some are detached from the world, like you say.

    That Sun feels very positive. A brightness born from allowing things to just be, possibly.

    • It took me years to learn moderation but it’s sinking in. All this packing made me see how others influenced me to buy things I didn’t really need. You know, one object would have been enough.

      I’m gonna miss my 391 card decks though. VBG

      Allowing things just to be–another good one. You chaps are all so helpful.

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