Gold Stars and Purple Cuffs

Ace hands me the big cheese…..okay maybe it’s a big pentacle from the hand of God.



Oh my, I am jolly today as I continue my endless wrapping and packing. Almost done all the fiddly stuff and then the movers can take care of the rest.

I think this is a good luck sort of card with regard to money and worldly matters. Perhaps I am getting a gold star for a job well done packing and organizing?

I’m running out of decks, but the Byzantine Tarot will be here in two days so that’s a good sign. Whee!



4 thoughts on “Gold Stars and Purple Cuffs

  1. Breath deep and don’t sweat the small stuff–it really does work out ok in the end. This card is the moving company packing your dishes.

    • Oh hey, I never noticed that but it could be them packing dishes. Considering the number of times you’ve moved, I’ll take that advice to heart. Thanks Debra.

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