Stand Still, Draped in White



I feel like I’ve been draped in white tissue paper for two weeks as I wrap and wrap and wrap to pack small things endlessly. Like this figure I feel I’m at a standstill, with so much left to do but desperately needing a break.

I still need a canvas carrying bag for my plastic tote with all my fountain pen inks. I saw one that was for tools that was wide enough, but it means yet another trip. However, I need a kitty litter box as well so we need to go to the big town for that anyway.

I am not a shopper. I want to go back to bed and snuggle under the covers and not think about details and lists and packing and shopping.



4 thoughts on “Stand Still, Draped in White

    • Well Bev, I went to Canadian Tire for the canvas bag, does that count as a break? The spouse kept wanting to linger over bargains in bins. Nothing like Canadian Tire for capturing the attention of men.

  1. Yeesh, I know what you mean – I’m so glad I can shop online for most stuff. I can’t understand people who go shopping every weekend for entertainment! Hope you can give yourself a bit of a break 🙂

    • Having known a few shopaholics who could cruise a mall for hours, I can’t understand it either! Yikes, there are so many other things to do in life.

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