Forget Pentacles, Acquire a MicroSD card



Yeah, Queenie knows the score. Get a big, fat memory card for that new Smartphone you don’t like, it’s money well spent. After that figure out how to make the clock alarm ring and gave it a special ringtone. Now, you’re talking usefulness!

She stands for security and groundedness, the need to acquire property (which in my case is literal as I look for a home), and feelings of mistrust. Come on Queenie, haven’t you heard the new mantra: “Trust that all will be well”?

Sure, come on, download an app for something.




4 thoughts on “Forget Pentacles, Acquire a MicroSD card

  1. Ha ha, I do love my apps 🙂 I’d normally think of them as more Swords-y than Pentacles-y, but you make a good case – the acquisition side, and there are plenty of apps with a material or physical focus…

    • So many of the apps require you to use wi-fi, but I wanted something I could use offline. I’m still looking. I guess I’m not a tiny screen sort of person. (googly eyes)

    • I needed the phone while travelling, and it makes a good alarm clock too. Ha-ha. I didn’t have the money to buy a tablet as well, so that’s out for a time, but it’s a good idea. I’ve wanted a tablet for three years, but for me it’s a luxury item.

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