Tilt a Whirl Dave Jumps His Ride


Hang on Dave, things are moving!


Here we go again, another excellent card from Mickie’s mind and brush. Cats fall but they land on their feet, having the agility in their spine to twist upright. The idea behind that is neat, but if you look closely the cat is winking. You think he’s falling? (Wink.) Not a bit of it, he’s detached and floating among sacred morning glories.

I have a thing about morning glories, we often plant them on strings by the side door of the garage or beside the sunporch over a window. We started doing this in our first house, and it reminds me that with moving, I will get to find the perfect spot for morning glories in a new situation.

“Let go of your preconceived ideas of what is possible” says the cat to me. “…all you need is a willingness to be amazed.”

So, I’m lightening up and expanding into infinite possibility today. Amaze me Universe and find me a good house for planting morning glories.



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6 Comments on “Tilt a Whirl Dave Jumps His Ride”

  1. Beverly King Says:

    “A willingness to be amazed” – now those are some words to live by!

  2. tarottiferet Says:

    Reading these recent posts, I get filled with the wonder of newness and possibility. It’s very inspiring, all of this moving stuff!

  3. Rose M Says:

    Just the place a minion would find himself 😉

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