Catspaw Wheelies

I think this is one of my favourite treatments of the Wheel of Fortune in any deck. In addition to the ohm symbol in the central mosaic, Mickie has drawn symbols for the four elements in tarot, but it’s the sparkling, spinning fireworks around the edge that really make this sing.



I loved the way this book describes things spinning beyond control as the cat spins the Universe. I also like the thought of aligning myself with what the Universe intends for me. So yes, things are spinning out of control but there is an underlying plan. I only need to watch for signs to guide me in my next action.

“Trust that all will be well.”



8 thoughts on “Catspaw Wheelies

  1. I keep trying not to get this deck, but every time you post with it, I feel my resolve slip a little more. 🙂
    If I can find that quiet, still place within me, even though there’s chaos all around, I can maintain my sanity and see clearly. I’m more likely to respond appropriately to what ever is going on. But generally I find myself on the edge of that basket hanging on for dear life, and I have to make a slow crawl to its center. It would be nice not to have to get frazzled first before I make that move!

    • This is the first deck I bought by Mickie and I have never regretted it. She and her husband are working on a deck now that will be out in a couple of years. I’ll be interested to see that, and not much interests me these days, so that says a lot about the quality of the cats.

      This frazzling business is the way I often am when overwhelmed, so lately I’m trying NOT to pull out the same old story “I always get frazzled” and look for a different sentence like “Being overwhelmed is a happy thing because you have a purpose, things to sort out.” The more I say it, the more believable it gets.

    • It’s such a great card, and I don’t remember it from working with this deck earlier in the year, which just pinpoints how we only pay attention when we need something.

      I DO feel all will be well Chloe. As I forge on organizing and making lists and getting the food ready for our trip, I’m starting to look forward to it. I don’t want to eat “road food” for weeks so I’m preparing things to take in a small collapsible cooler so I can make our own food and get some veggies and nuts and wholesome cereal as we travel.

        • It’s amazing what happens when you say different things.

          Today I bought a turkey baster for $1.50 so I can syringe in water to the cat bowl once I get her in the carrier. If I put water in when I’m trying to get her in, she’d spill it, but this way I can get fresh water to her. I also got a small plastic box to use as a litter pan in her carrier. it’s quite a big hard-sided carrier so she still has room to sleep and stand and move around but she has all the amenities. Just working out a small food bowl for her too. I already bought doggie training pads to put around her litter so she doesn’t have urine spillage in the carrier.

          She,s going to dislike it, but hopefully having food and water and a litter pan will help her feel comfortable. I also got some spray that mimics hormones from a mother cat–supposed to provide a sense of comfort for the cat while travelling. Fingers crossed that helps.

          Speaking of plans….:-)))))

          • She is lucky to have you thinking of her comfort so strategically! And I’d never heard of the mother-cat hormone spray – interesting 🙂
            We had a cat when I was a kid who could definitely have done with that. He used to get majorly stressed and skittish whenever we had to take him to the vet. Also proved to me how intuitive cats are – we really had to shield our thoughts, otherwise he’d be out the door before we even brought the cat carrier out, and we wouldn’t see him the rest of the day 😀

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