Sky Nightmares

I am a Swords person in general, and often see myself in this card.

NINE OF SKY (9 of Swords)


Oh those niggly dreams! You’re trying to get some sleep, some needed respite from your troubled mind, and all you get are weird dreams about things that frighten you.

Yes indeed, I felt like this last night. I took a Gravol motion sickness pill and a Tylenol to knock myself out and got eight hours of sleep with no awful dreams.

Dave came to support me on this one. It is a great truth that came home to me during this Year of Fear, that mindfulness is much better than avoidance. When you face something, take action if possible, and the fear quiets down and doesn’t disturb your sleep. So what if you have to sit there for a few minutes and really feel it instead of running away?

I grabbed a book to read before bed called Fear: Essential Wisdom for Getting Through the Storm by Thich Nhat Hanh, and he talks quite a bit about death and illness and fear as you get older, but also in there is the simple fact of facing things that make you fearful. Sit with it, and it simmers down: revelation!

Dave struggled out of his storage box to help the kitten on the card realize that. Dave loves the kitties you know, and always tries to help them.




2 thoughts on “Sky Nightmares

  1. I take melatonin to help me sleep, but it’s a double-edged sword; I do sleep soundly, but have vivid, sometimes disturbing dreams. Last night I dreamed I was streaking naked through the neighborhood being chased by the police; I was desperately trying to shapeshift into an animal so I could get away. Yes, those kind of crazy, detailed dreams… 😀
    I’m sad that Thich Nhat Hanh probably won’t ever teach or write again since his stroke and coma. He could say such profound things with such elegance and simplicity. He’s left a legacy of capable teachers though.

    • I’ve tried melatonin and sometimes it works and sometimes not. I do notice strange dreams too. The old shapeshifting dream sequence, eh?

      I felt bad about his stroke, and was certain he would die. He is still alive though, so you never know. He will be well looked after. His book–he knew about dying and being ill, not a lot of fun to hang around like that, but he can teach by example in a way.

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