The Sky’s the Limit




Alas kids, Dave is packed away but he sent an avatar to illustrate a point. As always, Dave is here to support these cats.

The Queen is rather imperious today, having cleaned out her pantry of old bottles of sesame oil and fish sauce. Now she is up in a tree getting perspective on the moving situation. After overseeing the packing of needed fountain pen supplies and pet identifications tags, and talking to the mover about making a crate for her large dollhouse, she decides today is good for packing sewing and art supplies.

Or maybe she’ll tackle wrapping all those tiny dollhouse things in wrapping paper? When you’re up in a tree you can sometimes see too much and get bogged down in deciding what to do. The sky may be unlimited but sometimes you need to plod on and do one thing at a time. Dave is encouraging her to spring into decisive action by leaping down and grabbing that package of 100 sheets of tissue paper and wrapping and packing that wire pig thing on the shelf that no mover will understand the purpose of.

It’s a start. Dave always knows what to do!






5 thoughts on “The Sky’s the Limit

    • Dave’s voice is somewhat muffled by tissue paper right now but he did get me to buy some small plates and bowls with Minions depicted on them to go in my travelling cooler for our car trip. I told you he was on the ball, making sure I get my morning cereal without having to eat out.

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