Roaring Rocks Roll into Action

So where am I today? Clearing out piles and piles of ratty, old clothes that the spouse would not release in the summer. Three green garbage bags went out, and another big garbage bag went to charity. My neighbour came over and took all our plants, which was a bit sad as some of them were over 20 years-old and we had nurtured them from seedlings.

The funny thing I’ve noticed about decluttering is that sometimes you can’t make the decision to let go, but if you leave it for three to six months and go back, it becomes a lot easier to release things. I think it’s because we get overwhelmed with decisions, as if a finite number of decisions for one session of decluttering are available, and then you have to leave it for a time. The other trick is not to look at things and just chuck them out, then it doesn’t bother you at all!

Now I have yet another one foot pile of paper to go through and shred or re-stash. It’s a tedious job but I persevere because one year I had about an eight-foot high pile containing a decade of paper to go through and shred. Now I shred each year and every day for small things like envelopes or junk mail.

Isn’t that absolutely fascinating? Ha-ha. There’s is nothing like a cross-country move to make you blather on about organization interminably. Oh, but we are going to be so much lighter when we go.

And what fascinating remarks does the Tarot have today about all this?

ACE OF PENTACLES (Carved rock)


The rock on the Ace is nestled among growing plants and flowers, rooted in the Earth. Hard work gains big and small rewards. The Pentacles are often about money but they have a great emphasis on the practical too. Yes, get rid of four bags of old clothes before you move, much like clearing away rotting detritus so that plants can grow in Spring.

The Empress has many roles to help the pride survive, and she achieves them. She is roaring at the moon in this card, which reminds me of the moon last night, shining into my bedroom so brightly that I could hardly sleep. It was beautiful and exciting all at the same time.

I expect I’ll sleep better tonight having taken some action on getting organized for our move.


2 thoughts on “Roaring Rocks Roll into Action

  1. You go woman! You guys are going to feel so much lighter when you leave, and I bet it will seem easy to fit stuff in your new home. I can relate to the plants though. I have some that I transplanted from my grandmother’s house that I would be tempted to take with me if I ever moved. 🙂

    • I’m going, I’m going. I got a huge bag of stuff shredded along with piles of recycled paper. I felt good for getting that chore out of the way, and tomorrow I’m starting to pack decks and art supplies and get that all organized neatly for the movers.

      I was saying to the spouse, that I am so well organized that we should be able to chip away at it immediately when we get our new place and thus set up fairly quickly when we find it. I can’t stand the thought of living with unpacked boxes for months, I’m going to get it done right away.

      Plants are like pets aren’t they Bev? I also cried when we traded in our old car–he was like a pet too. I was weeping in the car dealership, but they seemed to understand the attachment.

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