Descartes and the Fairy Kingdom

Connect to Spirit in Nature

The book goes on a bit about the fairy kingdom and noticing sparkling lights around flowers and talking to the fairies and asking for help. Oh dear, just not for me.


The rainbow cuts through the blue, lighting it up from the middle, like a secret you carry but only see now and then.

Stand by a tree that attracts you and feel its energy, smell the earth, hear the birds, take it all in. I find trees are the best when I am upset. It’s true that if you stand by one it makes you feel better. I suppose some great intellect will say it’s a projection, some placebo of the mind, but I disagree. Anyone who has spent healing time in Nature knows that there is something deeper to it.

I draw the line at fairies though. Did Descartes see fairies? I think not.

Gotcha! Hey, any day you can make a play on words with Descartes is a fine day.




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