Orbits of the Homeless

I completed the quilted laptop cover I made yesterday, so that’s the end of sewing until I reach my new home whenever that will be. I had hoped to start a block for the new appliqué pattern I bought called Lollypop Trees by Kim Mclean, but I won’t have room in the car due to transporting 2 dogs and a cat, so I can only take minimal stuff.

This homelessness has been playing on my mind, causing me to dream of motels and losing my keys, and being in a flap, ungrounded.

Today I am using the 2006 self-produced deck, Spiro Tarot, by Gail Kettleson. Someone traded this with me years ago, and I like it because it’s one of the decks reliant on amorphous symbolism, colour, and a free-flying approach to interpretation. Plus it was produced by hand and this is a number 5/100 in a limited first edition.

Gail is now selling her decks through The Game Crafter and she has a charming one with shelter dogs that I fancy.



I guess I’ve been told off. The World is mine no matter where I orbit, no matter how lost I feel. There are radiant points of light visible in the clouds, along with the Spirograph map superimposed on the world that will guide me.

Everything is possible without restrictions, and the horizon will expand.

I COULD think of it that way.





4 thoughts on “Orbits of the Homeless

  1. Speaking of homelessness, I was reading somewhere the other day that compared the Christmas story of “no room at the inn” to the Syrian refugees.
    I think you are literally experiencing “not-self” – a letting go of all the many things that have been used to define the “me.”

    • Ah yes, perspective, I could be a Syrian refugee. Good point.

      Not-self–that’s it!!! I’ve lost everything I defined myself with. I must read up on that. Thanks Bev, you always know more about such things than I.

    • Unsettling is the word. I find the not-self is a bit of a conundrum, particularly for those of us steeped in the mythology of the autonomous Self. I think I’m going to find it helpful though.

      I never thought of a Tower moment, but it certainly fits, giving me a good shake-up I can tell you. I keep having dreams about being in motels and not being able to phone people.

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