Saturn Gets Serious

I was browsing card decks online and found Corina Dross’s Instagram account which reminded me of how much I love her Portable Fortitude playing cards. Then I thought how light and easy to carry they are and that I might need some fortitude for our trip and move, and got to thinking about taking these in my purse with me for the two or three months I will be without a home.

Then I remembered my mini version of the Universal Tarot and wondered about taking those too, and then I thought I’d see how they work together in a trial run. I won’t have access to a scanner but I do have my camera and laptop, so maybe I will be able to post some cards while I’m in limbo after all?

Oh, and I’ll take my Power Tarot book too, for some back-up thoughts. I generally wing it with cards but after today’s draw and insights I think I might like to take this book too.

3 OF CLUBS – protection from narcissism


I liked the tie-in referenced in Power Tarot that The Hermit is connected to Saturn and relates to the astrological Saturn Return that occurs about every 28 years. We have lived here for 28.5 years and it’s time to get serious and complete this cycle. Do you believe that synchronicity!

I get scared some days and wish I hadn’t started the process of moving, but then I pull a card like this and know it is written already, it has to be done. The Hermit is travelling, he has his lamp but is perhaps feeling tentative, fearing that he won’t be able to see where he’s going, but on he walks.

The 3 of Clubs reminds me of the past and several people I knew who were revealed to be uncaring narcissists. I am much more aware of such things now, and my period of withdrawal from people to protect myself, also highlighted by The Hermit, is coming to an end.

Twenty-eight years. Lalalala.






4 thoughts on “Saturn Gets Serious

  1. Funny that we both drew “cycle” type cards today as the winter solstice and the end of the year draws nigh. But wow, that is some serious synchronicity as far at the Saturn cycle and and the length of time you’ve been in your home!
    I hope your new place gives you the opportunity to make some new friends (though you have a circle of internet ones already). 🙂

    • Yeah, it was spooky. 😉

      I am hoping to get involved in art and craft things and the spouse wants to get involved with gardening people, so i hope we’ll eventually meet people and connect a bit.

  2. I get a feeling that there are going to be so many great changes coming up. Real adventures.

    The nice thing about relocating, from my own experience, is that you can start afresh. Be who you want. When I think of the Hermits lamp, I think of you lighting each step as you go, trusting the way forward.

    And I love the idea of Judy on the Road with the Minis! That is one nice thing about Instagram, that you can just photograph the cards wherever and whenever. It’s like a travelers log.

    • We can paraphrase the song “Judy in Disguise” and sing “Judy on the Road”–everybody sing!

      I could use Instagram but I can’t quite figure out the phone yet. I have to wait until I get a regular wi-fi location. I need a memory card for the phone if I want to take more pictures.

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