Feel the Tiny Heart

I finally found time to put some pictures up of recent sewing projects on my other blog. I am going to be sewing a case for my new portable GPS gizmo today. I was supposed to do it yesterday but had a glitch with the new smartphone and its wi-fi connection that frazzled me. This month we also had landline trouble and finally had to get the repair people out to replace cables.

Then I promised the people that bought our house that I’d leave some canning recipes for them, so I have to type those up this weekend and get that off my mind. I enjoy doing things like that while the spouse watches TV so it’s no big deal. I am surprised with all the turmoil this year, that I am plodding on and getting projects done. There is always time if you choose to find it. Now I need to catch up on sketches!

All my things are going to be packed away in early January so I won’t have my own card collection available for a time. I am hoping I can use other things for this blog until we have our household back together.

KNAVE OF SWORDS (Page of Swords)


This fellow is getting his goose ready for Christmas dinner. Or maybe not, it might be that he wouldn’t take all the money in the world for his lovely goose. Perhaps a thought about life and living creatures being more valuable than money? The intellect turns its head from the life in its hands. The LWB says:

“The greatness of victory is measured by the greatness of the enemy conquered.”

This card is often (like other Pages) about naivety, maybe someone who rushes around and gossips and doesn’t take things seriously. We tend to think that someone who spurns a bag of gold must be naive. A bit of a puzzler from this deck, which is why I like odd Lo Scarabeo decks like this.

I think…I feel that the goose represents my pets, and I see the allure of money and how much it will cost to move them and how much effort it will be to travel with them. The gold is dead and cold metal, and the goose is alive and warm. It reminds me that their lives are sacred and must be respected above anything else.

This man is richly dressed, he obviously doesn’t lack money. He likes the feel of the pulse in the throat, the beating heart under his hands. There are larger issues: his comfort and care is needed by living creatures.

But still he thinks, his mind whirs away and thinks and thinks, “This is costing too much, it’s too much trouble, the pets are too old.”

No, he must feel the life in his hands, concentrate on the warmth and trust, the bond of love.




2 thoughts on “Feel the Tiny Heart

  1. I am amazed at how well you are doing with the move, as you keep putting one foot in front of the other.
    My first thought with that card was “Don’t kill the goose!” Even though I’m a meat eater, if I had to kill my own food, I think I would depend on fish.
    When I was making the Pictish Oracle, one of the things I learned about the goose was that it was a symbol of alertness, like a guard that called out when a stranger approached. That might fit with the Page (and keep the goose alive! :D).

    • Hmmm, I would say I’m on hyper-alertness these days. That’s an interesting thing about geese and alertness. I often call them “attack geese” as they are so aggressive, so it might also be a nod to keeping aggression in check, holding it from getting away from you. Like alertness that can lead to worry being kept from getting away.

      Good point Bev. I love that nuance.

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