Green Blow the Changes, Oh



A few quotey thoughts today on the celebration of change.

I like the idea with this card that confusion lifts. Making a decision is not that bad, blow in and out, make a joyful noise, sit in the emotion and feel it, but just begin.

There is also a suggestion in this deck of communicating successfully with others from different cultures. I sometimes feel that moving to the west coast is like encountering a different culture, despite it being in the same country.

There is a temptation to over-worry, to get wound up, but taking a few steps each day and not making it too complicated, is what this figure is saying. I had to buy a Dummies book for my new Android smartphone. It doesn’t make sense to fall behind in technology, so I didn’t make it too complicated, I just began.

“Begin” and “change” are the watchwords of this time in my life.





9 thoughts on “Green Blow the Changes, Oh

    • Thanks Bev. I was a bit sad this evening and made myself get up and finish a letter and 2 pairs of earrings for a pen pal, so they can be mailed tomorrow. I felt better then.

      I have observed that the best thing to combat sadness or anxiety is to do something, get things done. This card brought that home.

  1. This is really uplifting to read. Changes do knock me sometimes and I can be easily discouraged. I like the idea of starting to change, even if it is in baby steps. Reminds me a bit of my driving lessons.

    • Yes, it’s like your driving lessons! I think it’s the worrying things to death that causes the trouble, not the change itself.

      I have been told that I have to learn to drive, so next year I might be joining you in driver’s training bliss. 😉

      • You really are grabbing the bull by the horns! I seem to go one step forward and two steps back with my driving. I really seem to get it for a bit and then it’s like someone has erased my brain!

        • Well, I actually am hesitant to take lessons. I get a bit frazzled while driving. You have to remain cool when things happen–not a strong point of mine.

          I’m planning to learn, but haven’t done it yet. The trouble is we are getting older and without me knowing how to drive it could create problems if the spouse is injured or incapacitated or dies. That’s the sort of thing you think of at this age.

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