Mr. Harum-Scarum is Itching to Move

I got back from my 12-day trip out west and the next day went out and traded in the car for a used SUV, and bought an unlocked smartphone, and a portable GPS. Then I spent a whole day updating the maps on the GPS and doing Windows updates. The next day I went out and bought a soft-sided cooler, two sleeping bags, car mats, and pet accessories.

Yes, we are moving in one month. No, we don’t have a house, we will be staying in a motel for a couple of months and driving 4500 kms. to get there. My dogs are staying with us and my cat is boarding with a relative until such time as we find somewhere permanent to live.

Big doings.



Oh sure, this is the guy to handle acting quickly and moving. If anything gets in his way, his scimitar will hack it out of the way. ACT, DO, MOVE, DECIDE.

Swish, swish.

Nah, I’m not scared. I may feel a bit green like this Knight, but I shall act, and move and obtain victory. Eventually.





10 thoughts on “Mr. Harum-Scarum is Itching to Move

  1. The courage to see things through is a great attitude to cultivate! Also seeing the glass half full no matter what… which reminds me of a quote by Douglas MacArthur:
    “The enemy is in front of us, the enemy is behind us, the enemy is to the right and to the left of us. They can’t get away this time!”
    Wishing you and yours smooth traveling, and a calm heart and head to get you there!

    • What a great quote Bev.

      I haven’t made as many phone calls in a year as I have in the last two weeks. We are fairly calm, and just chip away at lists each day. I figure it’s the straw man technique: knock a few straw men down each day and it starts adding up, pretty soon you’re through the gauntlet.

      Pithy sayings a specialty!

        • So-so. I’ve got a number for my new area code so everything is long distance here and I can’t practice phoning yet. I got the Wi-Fi going though, and tried some apps. I need to charge the phone now and buy a micro SD card for it.

          Tomorrow I’m charging and making a padded sleeve for my portable GPS, so at least I’ll be prepared to travel with the new devices. I need to get a micro SD card for it too.

          I like the GPS better than the phone–I’m just not a phone person.

          I could now get an Instagram account and comment on your account though!! If only I could figure out the camera function. Do you use a special app for doing your Instagram pictures?

          • I downloaded it free from the store. I have one on my phone but mainly use my IPad for Instagram, as my particular phone doesn’t let me upload videos. The Instagram app on both has editing and filter options. Sometimes, I use other free apps too, for cropping, splitting pictures into multiples, adding text. But mostly the general app does most that I need.

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