Transmission du Mouvement

Sometimes chains are the thing that move you forward is what I get from this. Look at those gears going, it’s my brain on three hours of sleep.

Art by Editions Rossignol


We have a conditional offer on our house, and have been sitting all week hoping everything will go through. We should know tomorrow, and if it firms up I’m flying out west to buy our new house. It brings new meaning to the phrase “high anxiety” as we have so much to do in so little time. The many cogs are moving in increments in the background.

I’ve spent spare hours trying to finish a baby quilt, and I’m just sewing the binding down in the next two days and all the baby gifts I made can be delivered. The piston goes up and down like a sewing machine needle.

Chains: it’s all how you look at it. Movement it is!




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8 Comments on “Transmission du Mouvement”

  1. Beverly King Says:

    I hope everything goes smoothly (like a well-oiled machine :D). May you have a calm state of mind to do each task as it appears without worry. 🙂

    • JJ Says:

      Thanks Bev, I’m trying to be calm but sometimes get frightened out of my wits. Thank goodness for mindfulness meditation and breathing.

  2. chloetarot Says:

    Ah, those whirring cogs and wheels! Good luck with everything, JJ 🙂

  3. Debra Rosenthal Says:

    You alright, JJ? You’ve been quiet–I hope all’s well. –D.

    • JJ Says:

      Hi Debra, I am okay thanks. I am out on the west coast trying to get a house–I’ve rented a motel so when we move we’ve got somewhere to live.

      I’ll send you an e-mail.

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