(Charonia variegata)
Being numb to feelings and in denial of emotions


“Tritons emit a chemical to anesthetize their prey. With the prey effectively numbed and immobilized, it loses any potential to mount a defense.”

I have been back on a strict vegan diet again after some alarming symptoms in my legs and circulation and screaming sciatica and tinnitus. After three days I notice an improvement. I’m definitely an emotional eater, an eater for comfort, but I was numb this week physically and it occurred to me that the mindfulness approach to emotions was the wiser path. Sit there and feel instead of reaching for the easy cover-up of ice cream or chips.

In my case, the cover-up is certainly hampering movement and the potential to protect myself, my health. Denying and turning away from emotions is not the way to a healthy mind and body.

No drama to feelings, just noticing.



2 thoughts on “Numbety-boo

    • I’ve been in this loop most of my adult life and it’s really making me terribly sick now. The loop, the loop, the bloody loop. What I want is to have it sink in this time, to change permanently, to never have to face these health problems that are self-inflicted again.

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