It’s Hard Not to Cry

This shocking news from Paris…I want to keep in my mind the millions of Muslims who are honourable, godly people, working and living peacefully, contributing to the well-being of society, and involved in their communities to strengthen them not to tear them down.

This open-hearted symbol of cheer graces the peace quilt made for Patch Adams M.D., 1989
Join us in people-to-people peacemaking.


Patch Adams started the Gesundheit Institute as “a project in holistic medical care based on the belief that one cannot separate the health of the individual from the health of the family, the community, the society, and the world.”


4 thoughts on “It’s Hard Not to Cry

  1. My heart aches for all of France, but I too hope the urge to strike back at the enemy will be measured and thought-out rather than emotional. We had many here after 9/11 who were randomly attacked by citizens and those in authority simply because of the color of their skin or how they dressed.

  2. Words of wisdom:
    George Takei:

    There no doubt will be those who look upon immigrants and refugees as the enemy as a result of these attacks, because they look like those who perpetrated these attacks, just as peaceful Japanese Americans were viewed as the enemy after Pearl Harbor. But we must resist the urge to categorize and dehumanize, for it is that very impulse that fueled the insanity and violence perpetrated this evening.

    Tonight, hold your loved ones, and pray or wish for peace, not only from guns and bombs, but from hatred and fear. If it is our freedom and joy they seek to destroy, give them not that victory. Against the forces of darkness and terror, love and compassion shall always prevail. ‪#‎JeSuisParis‬

    • I think his comparison to American, and I will add Canadian, people of Japanese heritage during the war is apt. It’s so easy for humans to think like that, label people as “aliens” and shuttle them into camps or worse.

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