Perseverance is Like a Crying Baby

We were scrambling because of another house viewing last night. We had three this week, which is good, but three this week took me away from my sketching and I am four sketches behind now. I will chip away at it after lunch, and maybe do smaller pictures or something.

During one night of insomnia where I only got 3.5 hours of sleep, I sat in my special chair in the bedroom journalling and then I took a piece of paper and started writing out my plan for next year’s 52 weeks of sketching. I had been thinking of ramping it down to a bi-weekly sketch but this new Imaginary Trip project excites me, I don’t want to abbreviate it. It can be done and it is much on my mind, which is why I need the discipline to catch up with my current sketches.

It’s hard to think or draw and paint on 3 hours of sleep and when every second day you have to scramble for house viewings by strangers. Blah.



“All that is the fruit of love and honest perseverance will have a long-lasting future.”

I like that thought of “honest perseverance” as it feels good to accomplish things, to finish what you start, to get the pictures out of your mind and down on paper. I like making art, and that IS the long-lasting future.




8 thoughts on “Perseverance is Like a Crying Baby

  1. The title of your post made me think of something my daughter told me: that a a cat’s meow has evolved to sound similar to a baby’s cry, leading to it being attended to. 🙂 Works on me!
    Do you guys have to leave the house when visitors come for a walk through? You need a little nook to hide in with your sketching supplies while they stroll through. I hope one of the house-lookers bite soon!

    • Yeah, we have to leave the house and bring the dogs out too. Not too bad during the day but at night, where do you go? Last night we went to the library, and just made it before it closed, and then we went to a chip truck and had dinner, then we meandered home. We were exhausted.

    • I’ve been steadily chipping today and yesterday. 😉 I’m just about to type up my notes for the new sketching project. I’m hoping to do fuller pages, rather than single items. You’ve got to stretch to grow!

  2. Wow! What a cool undertaking. All that sketching. That reminds me of something one of my art teachers told me in art school: “The only antidote to sorrow is work.” But I think he was quoting someone else. I feel like art does that for us. I have no idea if my comments are going through–they aren’t showing up for me so either they aren’t coming through or maybe they are under review. 🙂 Hugs, MM

    • Oh yes, all that sketching is like a door opening in my mind. I used to draw when young but you know what it’s like when you’re out of practice, you get frustrated when things don’t come out as they are in your mind.

      Yes, your comments are coming through, the problem was that I had to go back to bed and didn’t get to approve them until later. Thanks for stopping by, it has been ages!!

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